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Teacher Development

Teaching Kit for Multi-Level Group Lessons:


Course outlook: 


Hour 1:    Introduction & experiencing the fun of group lessons

Breakout room: who are you and why are you here? Creative activity

Hour 2:    What is an ideal Suzuki group lesson? 

How do we put “Every Child Can” in action in group lessons?  

How do we put the “Suzuki Triangle” in action in group lessons?

Breakout room: One Suzuki idea group idea


Hour 3:     Thinking and planning

Start compiling your GT (group teaching) Handbook that works for you:

Your purpose/vision/mission

Your values and strengths

Your improvement areas

Your long-term/short-term goals

Teaching tips and pedagogical values from this course 

        *Breakout room: listen and tweak your handbook with your 



Hour 4:    Overview of different types of group lessons

Experiencing several popular group teaching ideas:

Twinkle Variation Potpourri/Simon says/Find the 

Rosin/Popcorn/Note F goes on vacation/

*Breakout room: lead a group lesson idea and add new ideas to 

your MLG teaching handbook


Hour 5:    Classroom management

Space and behavioral managements

Ground rules: student’s role and parent’s role

Why is including the “non-players” important?

        *Create ideas to include “non-players”


Hour 6 (In-person):    

**Introducing Shu-Yi Scott MLG quadrant chart and how to use it. 


The “three little pigs” 


Hour 7(In-person):    

Single-repertoire-focused group teaching

Single-skill-focused group teaching

Refining existing skills 

Exploring unknown skills

Improvisation: modeling & free-composing

Teacher-led v.s. student-led

Breakout room: lead a single-rep and a single-skill activity and discuss the different pros and cons     


Hour 8:    Homogenous-instrument group teaching

Heterogeneous-instrument group teaching


Planning a lesson based on the SYS Quadrant Chart

From creating to implementing an activity

Breakout room: Experiencing a group lesson- Assignment 1 


Hour 9:    Scenario study- discussion

                        Warm-up activities

                        How to convince the parents who doubt the importance of group 

lessons and try to get out of it?

Activities that include the parents- Assignment 2


Hour 10:    Warm-up/opening activity Group lesson presentation


Hour 11:    Scenario study- discussion for book 5-8 levels

Hour 12:    Observation/pedagogy report discussion

SYS Quadrant Chart 

Group lesson presentation


Hour 13:    Lesson plan for a book 1-3 MLG lesson


Hour 14:    Lesson plan for a book 1-8 MLG lesson


Hour 15:     The future of group lessons

MLG handbook presentation

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 11.12.01 AM.png

We are very excited to offer a Suzuki teacher development session Suzuki trainer, Shu-Yi Scott!  Please note that this training involves 15 class hours and it will begin prior to the festival via Zoom.  Register through the Suzuki Association site: 

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